Board of Directors


  • Former Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce for 15 years
  • Former member of Oman State Council “Majlis AL Dawla” .
  • Founding & Chairman of Bin Omeir Group of Companies.
  • Deputy Chairman of Oman Refreshment Co. (SAOG) / Pepsi Oman.
  • Founding member of Bank Nizwa the first Islamic Bank in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Former Deputy Chairman of Oman Charitable Organization.

Statement: “It has been for a long time that my Family has been connected to business activities, it’s how I developed my early passion for Business and Investment.
Ever since I founded the business, 50 years ago, I have supported and participated with much enthusiasm in BinOmeir successful development. Today, as BinOmeir group Chairman, I am delighted to be always and personally involved in the Group strategy, now with 12 fully owned companies, major shareholding in vital national companies listed in local stock market, as well as investments in several countries, creating jobs for more than 300 people.
Over the years, we have been blessed by meeting and working with the best people, all of whom contributed greatly in our growth and success. And so today, BinOmeir is indeed a profitable and fast growing Business Group.”


  • Managing Director of Oman Refreshment Co. (SAOG) / Pepsi Oman.
  • Director on Board of Oman Packaging Co. (SAOG)
  • Chairman of United Plastic Manufacturing Co
  • Chairman of bin Ahmed Enterprises

Statement: “This is no sinecure in a market in which a lot of companies adopt a “wait and see” attitude, to face multiple international and regional juncture; BinOmeir Group makes the difference by continuing to invest. BinOmeir Group has expanded from a family-owned company to a family of companies. This family has core values as a common point of departure for everything that it does.”


  • Under-Secretary for ministry of sports and youth affairs
  • Chairman of Oman National Housing Bank
  • Managing Director of family Entertainment Center

Statement:At Bin Omeir, we are committed to sustained high performance, supported by good governance. We want to run our business in a manner which is responsible and consistent with our belief in honesty, transparency and accountability. For us, good governance means managing our business well and engaging effectively with our stakeholders as well as our community.”

Our Companies