The Bin Ahmed Enterprises.

The Bin Ahmed Enterprises.

Company Description

Bin Ahmed Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of plastic housewares and thremowares in Oman. Its managed under the bin omeir group of companies.  Our products are marketed under the brand names of  ‘Home needs’, ‘BAE’, ‘Rehla’ and ‘Easypack’, and are known for their quality and affordability.

Bin Ahmed Enterprises started it operation in the year 1996 by SHK hamoud ahmed bin omeir alhinai . The company was the first to manufacture pens not only in Oman but in the entire region. Later on keeping in tune with the trend company diversified into manufacturing of plastic housewares and thermowares.

Since its inception the company has been producing high quality products catering not only to the needs of the local market but also to GCC, Europe, North America, Africa, Far East & Australia.

The company also manufactures industrial products as per the specification and requirement of our customers in Oman and neighbouring countries.

We believe in serving our customers to the best of our ability and their satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. That is the reason we have been able to retain all our customers from the time we have established business relationship with them.


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