Al Jazzera Oil and Gas L.L.C

Al Jazzera Oil and Gas L.L.C

Company Description

Plastic and oil waste to oil recycling

The Production of Heating or Diesel Oil from Plastics, Waste Oil or Flushing

Oil Using Fractional Depolymerization

Innovative Production of Fuels from residual waste, the issues of energy and its supply are becoming increasingly important in our modern civilisation. In view of the Earth’s limited supplies of fossil fuels, it is urgent that these are used efficiently and that regenerative and recyclable fuels find greater application. Al Jazeera Oil & Gas has responded to this challenge by setting its sights on the development and marketing of a German processing plant technology for special plastics and used mineral oils.

In contrast to earlier processing plants, which could produce only low-quality oils, the innovative process developed is an entirely new method for producing heating or diesel oil from organic wastes. Utilizing this new process, a pilot plant in Germany has successfully produced high-quality hydrocarbons from waste oil using fractional depolymerisation (Hereafter called DePo Process or DePo Plant).